Luxury artificial floating island – Orsos Island

Luxury artificial floating island - Orsos Island (01)


An Austrian company designed a luxurious artificial floating island called “Orsos Island”, as long as 5.2 million euros, will be able to meet the magnates dream – to buy a private island. This artificial island is about 20 meters wide, 37 meters long, in fact, it is a super yacht, although there is no engine, but with the wishes of the buyer, you can drag it to any corner of the world.

The company said it has orders from buyers in Australia, China and the United States. “Orsos Island” is equipped with solar panels and wind turbines, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also to self-sufficiency. In addition to the staff on the island, can live 12 people, living space is 1,000 square metre. In addition, the facilities include a Jacuzzi, a large sun deck and rooms that can accommodate up to four staffs. The company expects the Orsos Island will officially come out in 2 years, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2013 and delivery to the buyer.

Luxury artificial floating island - Orsos Island (02)

Although this floating island is extravagant, but it is designed to not cause environmental harm.According to construction company, this floating island using wind energy system, and is equipped with solar panels to collect energy, air-conditioning system plans to use cold water in the surrounding seawater, in order to protect the environment. The luxurious floating island founder is Gábor Orsós, who is a well-known entrepreneur in the hotel industry and real estate.

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